Join us for worship on Saturday afternoons and share in fellowship, worship, music, scripture readings and sermons from a wide variety of skilled teachers. Our potluck meals follow services on the 1st and 3rd Sabbaths of each month (unless noted otherwise on the schedule). We also have regularly scheduled activities.

Services held at Central Penn College (unless noted otherwise on the schedule).

NOTE: To see a list of prayer requests, download the Church Bulletin.

Church bulletin, [for] 09-30-2017 (PDF) | Speaking Schedule, [details]; posted on 09-29-2017 (PDF)

 Church Bulletin | Speaking Schedule

Scheduled meetings and event activities:

Note: Page is updated weekly & should be the latest information.


Oct. 21:  Services at 2:30pm - at Park Inn in Mechanicsburg  Ask front desk for room # - NO potluck!

               Scripture reading:  Obadiah

               Sermon speaker:   Hugh Buchanan


Oct. 28: Thanksgiving Dinner/Dance  (at First Church of God Community Center Mechanicsburg)

               Services at 2:30pm, Dinner starts 4:30-4:45pm & Dance at 6:15pm (Dan Prosser conducting dance)

               Scripture reading:  Psalm 105

               Sermon speaker:   Jim Johns


Nov. 04:  Services at 2:30pm - Potluck meal follows

               Scripture reading:  Lamentations 1-2

               Sermon speaker:   Hugh Buchanan


Nov. 11:  Services at 2:30pm - Eat out night

               Scripture reading:  Lamentations 3

               Sermon speaker:   Brian Drawbaugh


Nov. 18:  Services at 2:30pm- Potluck meal follows - Congregational/Board meeting

               Scripture reading:  Lamentations 4-5

               Sermon speaker:   Jim Johns


Nov. 25:  Services at 2:30pm

               Scripture reading:  Joel 1

               Sermon speaker:   Brian Drawbaugh


Future events:

Jan. 06: Bowling Night (alt. date 13)


God's Biblical Holydays determined by Hebrew Calculated Calender. Observed in both Old & New Testament times & today. (Gregorian calender dates they occour on)

Calendar Year: 2017
2017 Date
Passover *++ April 10
Days of Unleavened Bread * April 11 - 17
Pentecost* June 4
Feast of Trumpets* September 21
Day of Atonement* September 30
Feast of Tabernacles* October 5 - 11
Last Great Day* October 12
* Begins evening before
++ Observed evening before



Calendar Year: 2018
2018 Date
Passover *++ March 30
Days of Unleavened Bread * Mar 31 - April 6 
Pentecost* May 20
Feast of Trumpets* September 10
Day of Atonement* September 19
Feast of Tabernacles* Sept 24 - 30
Last Great Day* October 1
* Begins evening before
++ Observed evening before



Calendar Year: 2019
2016 Date
Passover *++ April 19
Days of Unleavened Bread * April 20 - 26
Pentecost* June 9
Feast of Trumpets* September 30
Day of Atonement* October 9
Feast of Tabernacles* October 14 - 20
Last Great Day* October 21
* Begins evening before
++ Observed evening before