Basic Doctrines in Christianity

These video presentations provide a foundational understanding of basic Christian doctrine. The material is based solely on the Bible, God's revelation to man. God intended that the Bible, His revealed information, would be the foundation of man's body of knowledge. God told us in the Bible how to worship Him and how to live in peace with each other. Man has insisted, however, in mixing the truth of the Bible with misinformation developed by men who relied on their own imagination rather than the revelation of God. Modern Christianity is a mixture of Biblical knowledge, plus erroneous human philosopy, mythology and uninspired tradition. These non-Biblical influences have corrupted and paganized the worship and knowledge of God in the modern world of mainstream Christianity.

The intent of these videos is to present the basic doctrines of the Bible without teaching the errors introduced from pagan sources. The viewer will discover the true doctrines and teachings of the Bible, without the errors that have lead Christianity astray for the past two thousand years. We believe that you will find these programs informative, entertaining and inspiring.

What Is Truth?

What is Truth?

How can we know the basic truths that our lives should be built upon? How can we identify errors in our knowledge? Did our knowledge base become tainted by ancient myth and uninspired philosophy? This video shows the way to truth, as revealed by Jesus Christ.

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Who Is God?

Humans have worshipped thousands of gods. Most of these gods have sprung from the fertile, yet unguided imagination of man. The video, Who is God identifies the one true God and reveals His character and personality.

Watch the Video: Who Is God?

The Law of God

The law of God is a wonderful gift from our Creator. This video shows that the law of God, the Ten Commandments, can bring us lasting happiness when we learn the value of obeying them.

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When one realizes that he has made a serious mistake and desires to be cleared of the error, what should he or she do? God has made a provision, a remedy for our blunders, one that can clear the slate and give us a fresh start in life. Watch this video to discover the process of Repentance.

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After repentance, God offers the opportunity to have our guilt for breaking His law erased completely. This video about baptism demonstrates how this important ceremony symbolizes the complete forgiveness of our sins by our Father in heaven.

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The Holy Spirit

At the very start of the Christian era, God granted to His people a tremendous source of power. He promised that this power would lead them into all truth and would impart to them important spiritual characteristics and abilities. Watch this video to learn about the fantastic gift of the holy spirit.

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The Resurrection

Does man have a soul that lives on after his death? What happens to us at death? Is there anything further for us after we have died? Modern Christianity has taken its beliefs from the ancient Greek philosophers and religions invented by man, rather than from the Bible. What does the Bible have to say about the subject? The answer may surprise you. Watch The Resurrection to find out.

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The Reward of the Saved

Will humans live the after-life in a heavenly paradise? The ancient Greeks taught this. So do hundreds of pagan religions. The Bible shows us that the reward of the saved in the next life is far better than anything that has sprung from the hopeful imagination of man. Watch The Reward of the Saved to learn what God has promised us.

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The Rest of the Story

There is a pivotal principal that God warned us to remember. Perversely, we have done all we can do to forget this principle and ignore it. This principle is vital in our relationship with God and helps us to understand and know who God is. It identifies which God we worship. Understanding of this topic is important for every Christian. Watch the video to learn more.

Watch This Video: The Rest of the Story